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  • AUTO AIM by SAE for 9.22 {undetected} is ready and you can download now
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  4. Hello Mauzer

    in 2 days i pay for yuor mods.. but can i ask u a thing? i have a my friend that use imac and play wot.. cau he use that bwmods?

  5. Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    soon will be available again i guess
  6. Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    my favorite mod pack is no more there for so long...
  7. Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    really nice
  8. Hey M8,

    Have you got a working version of your reload sound mod? Been trying to update the last one to .3 but just can't get it to work for some reason.


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    2. Sailor



    3. kupjones


      If you want a pretty good gunsight, try my version of harpoon.  I've packed it with and without the reload mod.



    4. Sailor


      will give it a try.

  9. BW aim bot

    Thx, I will wait
  10. BW aim bot

    Don't publicate your nickname from game. I'll send you private message (PM).
  11. BW aim bot

    Send me PM.
  12. BW aim bot

    Hi Apollo. Can you sent me please a license for aimbot BW.
  13. dawaj na tsa


    1. kokotek


      i to szybko


    2. kokotek


      Bo kartka poleci

  14. Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    no the modpack is not updated....this is why i deleted the download link...the people continued to pay for it also if the modpack was outdated....... and i have no time for refunds..... so no download link...whe the modpack will be updated (soon ) then the download link wil be back again.
  15. Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    Chumlie perhaps you need to go and pay at the auction instead of hoping that you can get a Pawn
  16. Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    how to download this i don't see link
  17. V6XgYKAjsglFnO6qvoLESe1jacci4w4t/yd


  18. BW aim bot

    i see.... you have a pm...
  19. BW aim bot

    thanks for advice. i sent PM Apollo and no response yet.
  20. BW aim bot

    Don't post here your nicknames. Send PM.
  21. BW aim bot

    Apollo still getting wrong region on my alt accounts "M*******t" and :M********t". Please help. Thank you.
  22. BW aim bot

    f.y.i. The additional line of text added is the new license from mod, the old license is no longer supported. In other words, the new line added is a free license (only valid on RU server). Just PM an online admin and they can provide you an updated license.
  23. BW aim bot

    Apollo: I get message in game "wrong region." I restart same problem. I noticed that an additional line of text is added to my license in Mod_config folder when I start the game. I delete that line and save the licence. when I restart the problem repeats and I get the wrong region notice again. Please help. Thank you.
  24. BW aim bot

    hello can you please send me a PM???
  25. BW aim bot

    Hi Apollo. My accunt (*******) is banned and the aim bot by BW it doesn't work, can you change my lisence pls for my new accunt (********)
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