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  2. The Elements Of Life

    Questions and suggestions

    All your questions and suggestions post here for Plazma Keks
  3. I have the unlimited version of BW mod and its great. Only thing, do you have autoshoot like it has in the 30 day version..? I can't find it in the settings

    1. The Elements Of Life

      The Elements Of Life

      coming update for auto shoot

  4. did you understand my q?


  5. Why i recieve a notification on my email ..that i have been charge 40dollars ..those the license we bought has a expiration?


    Bog stari.Sta je sa ovim modom SAE BW nema ga za skinuti samo ovaj SAe drugi ali mi pokazuje da ga moram ponovno kupiti


  7. I did a clean Game install and game worked ,then loaded Bl by Polar and game won't go past loading screen .. I have done this twice is there a fix out Sir thanks Pip

  8. i want to buy a 90 days code for PF mods. how can i pay for that.

    1. The Elements Of Life

      The Elements Of Life

      Paypal  otisbaker729@gmail.com and send me screenshot transaction

    2. niiicky
  9. i need hlp on my modpack i just bought


  10. good morning just made a purchase the package in 30 days but I can not ful the key. please help.

    Order #2330

  11. hello

    if I pay for 1 month how do I get the file
  12. Hy guy, I'm new here and a little bit lost.

    I downloaded BW mods by Polar Fox, the free 10 days trial. In game it comes with an identifier. I added the entry in my dashboard (see file), don't know if necessary. Even don't know how to manage it and if I have something other to do.

    My main question is: when the trial period expire, how to prolong it?

    I have to buy a license? Which is the cost? How can I eventually buy it? The cost is periodical or once paid the first time, my license is unlimited (that is when a new release come, license is still valid)?

    I would have many more question about settings being not expert, but I will refer to forum to find answers.

    For the moment, tks for your work and for the attention you will pay to my questions.




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    2. Cecca


      Tks, I will contact you again in a few days

    3. The Elements Of Life
    4. The Elements Of Life

      The Elements Of Life

      Contact any online admin he will help you.

  13. hello i pay for 30 days and i need activation  thanks!!!