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  1. lucky siema jak zmienilem kompa to mi nic nie chodzi why?


  2. I need a help ! Critical error: Game resource path does not exist:


    1. Lucky Style

      Lucky Style

      Check game integrity 

  3. hello ^^^got a question. for people who paid before 50$. do i have to paie again for mods ?or simply paid the diffrence? plz tell me

    1. Moineau26


      or nothing


    2. Apollo


      If you have unlimited then you don't have to pay anything

    3. Moineau26


      ok thx!! good news



  4. hi spg 15 obj 260 i have m 53 premium account  price ?

  5. hi mate,

    can u help me???

    How can i change the colour in this file...

    #F60BE5 in xml dont work:-( the color was ever yellow)


    THX in Adv.


    1. Lucky Style

      Lucky Style

      Hi mate I'll will do this litle bit later. 

  6. hi mate,

    how much cost the bw mods by pf if i want use for my 2nd acc?

  7. Hello, I was wondering what your personal configuration of ogre ninja auto aim is for update  since I don't like mine and want to know how to make it different without ruining it. 

  8. hi my friend i byu mods and in the bw sait tell me 36 days and in game tell me 1 can you fix it with teamviwer?can you help me?

    1. tabulas



      and in game tell me pf mods remaining time:1 day

      Identifier Notes Remainig time Last Updated  
      W40Y1zMHqM92CKuAcao+UFoX605otnIcOp7NJzE4180=     36 days Aug 01, 2017
  9. Still to the same. I've got it on target I lost target

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. pical1


      Ok i guess i found what is the problem, the problem was probably in the mouse right mouse button did not work properly, after mousing all seems to be ok

    3. Lucky Style
    4. pical1


      I have a new problem aimbot SAE does not intercept the target literally millimeter next to the target and will not catch it anymore. Did I mess up a setting? I removed the pack of mods from apollo and kept the same

  10. if this would cost me to loss my acount ,well then its not worth it.

    bandicam 2017-06-02 12-26-44-195.jpg

    1. Lucky Style

      Lucky Style

      You didn't make clean installation,that is reason of this message nothing more.That poliriid mod was reworked and is clean don't worry..

    2. Sam the Cigar
  11. Hello,

    Pomocy, jak uruchomic sae dla eu?
  12. thank you, this work'S better than it ever worked. A+ 100 % HAPPY.. OMG I LOVE IT..... Lucky Style you are the best at what you do to fix all problems...:)

  13. Witaj, można zrobić tak aby sae działał na eu? jaki to koszt, co z wykrywaniem modów przez WG? jest szansa na bana, czy raczej się nie przejmowac



      witam jest tam ktos ??

    2. Lucky Style

      Lucky Style

      jestem.. wiadomość odbierz..

  14. Hello sir need to ask u something i have b4it + ogre but i want to try Sae is there any free way to test it ? and tell me which is better your thinking pls

    1. Myself


      But you didnt answer me which is better this EWA or b4it$ogre?

    2. Lucky Style

      Lucky Style

      Try and answered yourself !!!