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  1. Apollo Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    For what? The modpack is not available anymore
  2. Apollo Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    soon will be available again i guess
  3. Apollo Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    no the modpack is not updated....this is why i deleted the download link...the people continued to pay for it also if the modpack was outdated....... and i have no time for refunds..... so no download link...whe the modpack will be updated (soon ) then the download link wil be back again.
  4. Apollo

    BW aim bot

    i see.... you have a pm...
  5. Apollo

    BW aim bot

    hello can you please send me a PM???
  6. Apollo Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    UPDATED! CHANGELOG 12.10.2017 : Helpics mods (thank you for the mods!): Updated: -breakable -redball -chameleon Added: -destruction on minimap -direction box -hitmarker Other new mods added: -15m circle -few crosshairs -Audio mods: -first blood -gun reloaded by kupjones -6th sense without xvm (5) Updated: -mods by stealthz for EU and NA server Fixed: -wn8 in battle
  7. Apollo Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    Oh yeah, and tomorrow finally will be released the new update of the modpack...after more than a month....
  8. Apollo Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    are you really so stupid???? did you read the name of this post and did you see for which game version is the last update of this modpack???? there is written!!!! If i dont ban u for F**K YOU ALL , its just because i woke up with a pretty nice humour this morning. and if your browser sending you on webpages with ugly old ladies then maybe clean your cookies after you watched your dirty videos.
  9. Apollo Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    Probably 4th October I will be online again and I will release also the new modpack.
  10. Apollo Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    I am so sorry but I will not release the new modpack. The new modpack will be released when I will come back. Cca 20th September
  11. Apollo Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    Yes I know.....but I am not sure anymore.... If tomorrow I will not release it then no modpack... ?