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  1. BobC Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    Chumlie perhaps you need to go and pay at the auction instead of hoping that you can get a Pawn
  2. BobC Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    Count 1...2... 3... Big child breaths and out. and in, 1...2, ...3 How about getting a life and learning
  3. BobC Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    I believed navigator was the coloured lines that showed a path across difficult terrain? What about the tank stability when shooting? Other than that its a great pack. Is it XVM linked or separate?
  4. BobC Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    Using Apollos pack I am experiencing great difficulty when being shot especially by auto cannon. My tank keeps shaking when being hit and the reticle bounces all over the screen thereby I cannot aim to return fire. What am I missing and how to correct it? Don't say use auto aim. Then! I am experiencing multiple marks on the mini-map which get progressively worse to the extent that they are blanking out the mini-map. Any ideas on what to turn off?
  5. A person that is willing to listen and adjust, TY

    1. kupjones


      So, I adjusted again.  Check out the new one and let me know

  6. BobC Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    That's why I use the free version as every time I try to update it sticks on some Russian untranslatable site and I have NEVER had a usable link sent t me. PS your link goes straight to Paypal
  7. BobC Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    I took it straight from his website yesterday and all parts were working a treat last night
  8. BobC


    OMFG I am leaving for good. Blue sky is bad enough................ BLACK!!! Bailey, Baby, Honey, Emma. BIG Maggz, Chris, Thomas the enemy, how many more names??? I will happily leave but you need to fend for yourself. Come home when fucked off with her. Hey all, Would you be getting a house with a Girl Friend called Emma that takes a snort of the old Coke (Cocaine) up her nostrils whilst her Junkie Dealer feeds her even more and makes her pay? What happens when she goes back to her COCAINE habit and she will, yet it costs you your house, your family, your dignity as she is just a wee smack head? Screw your head in and see that there are woman out there that want you for more than what you earn.
  9. BobC


    ???? No idea. A blind bambi? (a No eyed deer) hahahaha I need something new as right now I cannot shoot anything without missing and I don't use aimbot lol
  10. BobC


    Hopefully it's including falling trees