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  1. hello

    I want to raise my statistics. will you help?

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. sopel_81


       We talked earlier about raising my appreciation of victories and wn8.
       I am interested in the first option 2700+ wn8.
       can we do it?
    3. electron2007


      Yes we can,

      for our comfort and faster response from me, can we continue the chat in private message, i missed your messages in this profile message part.


      Best Regards,


    4. sopel_81


      I sent a private message.
       I have to make it happen


  2. spg 15 obj 260 i have m53 ... premium account and arty m53  price ?

  3. Hey  :)

    sent you message  :)


  4. Sent you a messege

  5. Hello, I may have need of your services (sorry my English is not too good)  

  6. How do we do this and how is the info exchanged? Can you use my personal experience to double what you do? In other words. if I purchase your $50 dollar package for 200k XP would it double 400k XP using my PE?  

  7. Hi, I want mission HT15 to complete STUG IV campaign, so I have 5th female crew-member. I completed all the rest of that entire campaign myself.

    In my garage is Löwe (premium), IS-3 (not premium) and I have a premium account

    1. What does it cost

    2. How many time takes it

    3. Can I play during the contract.

    4. Does it cost less when I get crew with more skills in that tank.