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  1. About Plazma's blog

    We really don't know what went on. (Or at least I don't). Plazma posted the first emails but then he said he had got a bunch more. He didn't post them and closed the site. I didn't really see Plazma as someone who would fold so easily. So what did the other emails contain? Concrete threats, in which case how? I know their target was the leveling sites, I wonder if Plazmas blogg ended up as collateral damage? They must have been really big and scary, or maybe they just simply bought him in some way. No, I don't mean with cash before you troll me, I meant something more fun for him than hosting a blogg.
  2. About Plazma's blog

    I'm sad to see him do this.
  3. Happy birthday Apollo.
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    I tried REALLY hard to find a witty answer to that........................
  5. ►Discussion◄

    The question is........ can I be banned for a discussion?