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  1. QQriq

    BW aim bot

    Don't publicate your nickname from game. I'll send you private message (PM).
  2. QQriq

    BW aim bot

    Send me PM.
  3. QQriq

    BW aim bot

    Don't post here your nicknames. Send PM.
  4. QQriq

    About Plazma's blog

    Long time ago I asked about one thing. The question was asked on mail, ofc to Gox (I thought it was Gox). When I saw the answer I was suprised : "Gox is retired". So what I can say.. Something ends, something begins
  5. QQriq

    About Plazma's blog

    Pls without vulgarity..
  6. QQriq

    About Plazma's blog

    If u wanna read about rules: https://www.blackwot.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=announcement&id=21
  7. QQriq

    About Plazma's blog

    On BW main page you can find separated section. Plazma offered different mods/cheats on one side. Black Wot forum has clear and simply division by developers/bloggers. There is no need to change. About Plazma Blog - be patient.
  8. QQriq Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    Very often people tell us about problems with mod/modpack's from forum. About quantitly on their mods/res_mods folders rarely ... So I appeal to this people who firstly writing but not checking : before telling "your mods not working" just try clean installation. It is very simple
  9. QQriq Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    Well, all I can tell you ... <3 great like always, boss
  10. QQriq Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    Many people are waiting for it, gladfulness will be tomorrow
  11. QQriq Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    Apollo now you know why I didnt banned him... In glass is Caipirinha
  12. QQriq Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    Forum Rules and Guidelines 1. Forum etiquette Users are not allowed to abuse others, make personal attacks or behave disrespectfully. This applies to both public threads and private messages (PMs). Disrespect can include: Harassment or Defamatory remarks Profanity, Inappropriate language or abbreviations there of This behavior has no place on the BlackWot forums due to its extremely offensive and inappropriate nature.
  13. QQriq Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    Pls say "thx" to our friend Apollo
  14. QQriq Apollo©Packk v2.1.8

    I am so sorry but I will not release the new modpack. The new modpack will be released when I will come back. Cca 20th September As u can see modpack will be available after 20th September. Be patient.