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  1. About Plazma's blog

    I'm new here so I dont know, it will take time to get used to that website and I'll learn how to use it in time. (sorry for my ignorance)
  2. Hello, I wanted to put the every source link of the mods in one topic, so it will be easy to reach the mods by just clicking on them. This post will be edited, just after the mods are updated. I dont know if its against the terms of use of this website, but I thought it will be easy to reach for everyone. Later on, I will translate the mods to english and share them in winrar document, I cant do it now cuz of university visa exams Links of the mods: Missing mods: if someone can translate these mods to english until I can, and share them, will be awesome. these are the source links that I was able to save from plazma's blog.
  3. About Plazma's blog

    I think we really need to open a topic where we can find the mods like "all in one" style. cuz plazma's website was like that. you could find every mod (cheat or non cheat mods) by just checking the dates. I really wanna open a topic that where I can find every mod that is useful and put them into this topic that I open. I dont know if its possible, but at least I want people to get reached these mods by just clicking once, just like plazma.
  4. About Plazma's blog

    I wish I could've saved all these links that he put on his website that is so sad that his blog is closed (after nearly 25 million views) that website was just so tidy, all those mods were easily to be found, and everyone was helping each other on chat and he was doing a perfect job for executing his blog. I HOPE, I can see him as soon as possible coming back shining gloriously... at least wishing to see the same tidiness from him asap, while stealing, creating and pulling the mods together from other websites. because cheating mods are not a big issue