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  1. like this you mean ? http://wotgamer.com/all-mods/
  2. soulza

    About Plazma's blog

    lol do you really think he is going to go away and work on his garden ? he will be back so will the site under a new name and address ....... A few of you older ones will remember back in the day a program called NAPSTER , it was a p2p client for downloading primary music but also films etc. it was forced to close by the big boys and sued in court for millions..........................this is easy to check on the internet the founder Shawn Fanning is now worth 7.5 MILLION and his co founder also did well for himself Sean Parker in now worth 2.8 BILLION (founded or stole facebook) depends how you look at it.
  3. just to keep you updated I made ORT moderator as he needs access to his own section for his XVM stuff

    he is a good bloke Japanese or Korean but good type that loves messing with XVM we both will get stuck into a problem and look for possible ways to do things

    he is a good asset to blackWOT and keeps his XVM bang up to date with all the latest additions.