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    About Plazma's blog

    Well all I can say is that: Fact is: there is a little thing called "res_mod" folder. Fact is: NO res_mod, NO mods, no community, NO banns, NO discussion, PERIOD! . Question is: Who profits from the "res_mod" folder at final ? Question is: Who controls, approves or not, want's to see or not, what contains this folder, and more importantly WHO has WHAT in this folder ???. In God and Unicums we might trust or believe...... Nevertheless... all the others will pay in cash... I rest my case, long life to Plazma wherever he is and whatever he does, I liked and used hes site, and yes I played Vanilla, but getting my T29's gunport hammered 4-5 times in a row from over 350 meters at full speed by a noob chop player opened my eyes all while hurting my rear pipe... Happy hunting all ;-)