How to install...

  • Before downloading and installing mods be sure that your res_mods folder ingame is empty. (some other mods which are not in this pack maybe can make problem with functionality of bwmods & bw aimbot)
  • When you finish registration, please check that you login correctly
  • Visit our download page and download the latest stable version of bwmods & bw aimbot.( bw mods 9.19) 
  • You will find two folders in .zip file (mods & res_mods)
  • Extract previously downloaded in your game folder
    • *if you have previous version of bwmods, press yes to overwrite files
  • Click here to watch the tutorial
  • If you face with some issues with installation, and operation of bwmod, before contacting support, prepare your identification key from garage and your email which is registered here on our forum.


(*please before subscribing on any pack, double check that you activate your profile on our website with identifier key from game if you are not that can make issue with duration of days which you purchase, in that case, please contact our support by opening support ticket)


List of Mods

  • CHAMELEON – displaying collision models in battle
  • DESTRUCTION – destruction on the minimap
  • LASERS – lasers from the trunks of technology
  • EWA – aimbot
  • MTURRETS – direction guns on the minimap
  • OUTSIGHT – model vehicles is rendering
  • SHADOW – show models of disappeared enemy vehicle
  • INSIGHTFUL – indicator targeting opponents
  • TWEAKS – many different add-ons
  • TUNDRA – removal of vegetation
  • RELOADING – display reloading equipment
  • HEALTHCARE – repair, automatic fire extinguisher
  • BLINDSHOTS – hit undetected technique
  • BREAKABLE – removal sweep objects
  • WATCHFUL – indication opponents
  • REDBALL – red balls for the arts
  • XRAYS – stroke equipment (x-ray)
  • SHARPSHOOTER – marker of pre-emption

EWA 2 GEN - Advance Aiming system

About This File

Something about:

  • New source code
  • Auto calculation 
  • Undetectable
  • Easy to adjust

Advance Aiming system is purchased monthly only.

Highlight MOD ID with cursors, press Left Ctrl + C and sent to Administrator for activation

AutoAim by SAE - Advance Aiming system

The sight from SAE is one of the most functional autoaim for World of Tanks.
In the new version, the sight can be adjusted right in the hangar! Use the button near the system chat window.

Modification options

  • Capture targets regardless of obstacles.
  • Automatic calculation of lead. The standard auto-target does not solve the problem of hitting the moving enemies, but this AutoAim can successfully hit enemies, even if they are traveling at high speed.
  • The three aiming points are the bottom of the tank, the middle of the hull and the tower. Switching modes is done by pressing the numeric keys in the Numpad.
  • Preemption is disabled if the target is too close.
  • Capture the desired point in the enemy’s armor.
  • Test function, allowing the sight to follow the enemy, even if he disappeared from the light.
  • Search for weak zones in booking an opponent.
  • There is a configuration file with comments, thanks to which it is possible to carry out flexible adjustment of the functional mod.

BlackWOT - Tundra

About This File

  • Option settings
  • Auto update for each patch or micro patch
  • Full support from BlackWot and Polar Fox
  • Black sky option in game 

Tundra key NUMPAD5

Black sky NUMPAD6

BlackWOT Statistics